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“Dog is the most adorable, perfect and helpful among all the acquiring, the mankind ever had” Georges Cuvier

“Dog is the most adorable, perfect and helpful among all the acquiring, the mankind ever had” Georges Cuvier

From childhood we all know that the dog –is a friend for the man. It is faithful, allegiant, and reliable during the whole dogs life. And today, living in the century of communicative shortage, we especially need this reckless adoration.

Dogs help their owners to extent social connections. Owning to the dog  circle of acquaintance renovates and broadens, you can find new friends, partners, some business relations can be organized, often “dog’s friendship” causes the marriage or, unfortunately, divorce.

Dog also has a huge advantage for mental health of the owner. James Serpell, further leader of the group for animal research in Cambridge University, thinks that pets radiate a kind of emotional supporting. And the relations between people, unfortunately have no such a approval. The animal muteness is an advantage, not a drawback. The fact that the dogs listen to us and, as it seems, understand everything, but do not ask any questions and never estimate us is the most pleasant feature for companion.

Dogs smooth over our loneliness. Concern for pet attaches the importance and sense to our life. The doctors say that our self-confidence, self-appraisal, possibility to protect from stresses, and, therefore, our health depends on the feeling of “necessity”. People suffer from that fack that they have nobody to care about.  Dogs give us a possibility to feel that somebody needs, respect, admire and love us.

The dog presence is helpful for a baby as well; it stimulates the developing of cerebrum. Baby begins to observe, remember, make conclusions, and foresee the consequences. Pay attention to the relations between cabby lad and the dog. Both of them can’t speak but they perfectly understand each other and get on well.

A dog fosters responsibility, self-independence, tolerance, kindness among the teenagers. For teen dog is the best anti-stress companion. You can believe or not but the pets save from basilisk-glance, they take bad energy. Dogs create good microclimate in the family. Families with the dogs fall apart seldom. So, the dogs hinder from divorces!

And what about the main function – house guard?  Even small dogs scare away the burglars – because they are also noisy! And the child after the school is not alone in the flat –there is somebody to look after him.

And small, warm pet, wheezing in your lap – is there anything else to dream about? Sociologists say that the high level of living in the country causes the increase of the dogs. We have only to surprise, why not all people have dogs.

As times quickly goes by modern person wants to feel that he/ she  still remains him/herself. And nothing can give the most pleasant confirmation but the four legs tripped behind.

Conrad Lawrence