Петербургская орхидея


Orchid of Petersburg Atlant & Sonya

About the breed Orchid of Petersburg I knew from my relative Lena. She has a wonderful, nice girl Broshka. Lena told me that the owner Toropova Olga had at that moment the brood of these pups. I arrived to look at them. I was amazed by benevolence of grown dogs.  All the dogs after greetings tried to show how tender they were.

When I saw Miklusha (as we name him now) I fall in love at the same moment. And than we waited until all the vaccination was done. After it we took this small marvel to our house. At that moment we had a small child at home –so, I was afraid of buying a tiny dog.  There were problems neither with lot, nor with appetite. Our dog is not very tine and he is habituated to the street.

Miklusha grew up and now his weight is 4 kg. but for me this small dog is communicative and tender. He is very compact when we hold him he is so skillfully curled himself up into a ball. My children are fond of him, for them he is just a friend. And he is a member of our family as well. For me –he is a Miklusha-laskusha, my good mood. For children he is a fellow and companion in all games. I can’t stop to surprise how easy-going  and amenable he is. They can do everything and Mikluha is always with them.

What is the most suitable for me in this breed is the easy care after the dogs’ hair, he is washed with pleasure, I cut him by myself. The most pleasant –there is no coat in the house. Miklusha is trig, he doesn’t like walking when the weather is dirty, and after coming hove he is sitting near threshold and waits for me to clean his paws.   Everything is not just good, everything is excellent.

Orchid of Petersburg is a marvelous dog, it is a dream-dog!!!