Петербургская орхидея


The Orchid of Petersburg Vasia Vasilyok and Lena

Every child in his/her childhood dreams about having four-footed friend, but not every is allowed to get it, because of lack of time for looking after the pet, allergy, and dogs’ hair. Likely I grew up and one sunny day at home I received something with piping voice, indefatigable mood and nice muzzle. Yes, it was a dog. As it appeared the pup of the Orchid of Petersburg. The pups’ name is Vasia Vasilyok

He was small and extremely funny. Sometimes it seemed that his thin legs will not keep the body and broke, but it was just an illusion. Very quickly Vasilyok starts to be taught obedience training. After a week he understood the main commands: “sit”, “lie”, “out”. In summer he learnt how to swim. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t imagine that such a fragile creature can bring so much positive emotions!

Just imagine: small head with huge ears, black nose like a button, big red lashes, thin short tail, small fluffy body with thin downy paws, nice black and tan dog. Such a marvel with beautiful name Orchid of Petersburg appeared in our family!

Vasilyok differs from other dogs because of his kindness, quit temper, intelligence, but at the same time he is very cheerful and likes jumping. While running he looks like a hare! If only you saw him dancing! I’m always surprised the way our tiny dog stats hunting on birds and cats when we go for a walk. It poses like a hunter and abruptly jumps!

Of course he is not able to catch the bird and some of the cats repulse, but he doesn’t feel sadness and happily run. Proudly going in advance he makes other people feel affection.

Who could imagine than 2 years later such a nimble dog is still so tiny! Vasilyok became favorite for all the members of our family.
I’m happy to have a dog!
Kozhevnikova Elena