Петербургская орхидея


Male or female?

Male or female?

After choosing the breed it is high time that we should choose the sex of the future pet. It’s a really important question and while thinking about it you should point out pro and con. It is necessary to think once more what for you are going to have a dog: for having a pet only or for rearing. When you buy a dog you should discuss with the owner if this pet is for pleasure or for shows and rearing as well. The differences in behaviour and physiology between male-dog and female play an important role. The breed Orchid of Petersburg has the minimal differences in that case. Nevertheless there is a piece of good advice that can help the person who has any doubt in choosing the male/female dog.

The rule of intersection

Psychologists declare so-called “the rule of intersection”: male dog is more suitable for the owner lady and bitch is better for a gentleman. That is why the choice must be done by that member of the family who is going to have the main responsibility in care of the dog.

Male dog

Many factors bribe to buy the male: braveness and selflessness. Many people prefer company of the male dog and enjoy his active attitude to life. Usually the breed type is a little bit stronger among male dogs than among fair sex representatives. Males are usually smarter as they has no problems with the hair after pregnancy and accouchement. But, while buying a male dog you will surely have a question to mate or not to mate.

Male dog for pedigree rearing of course will cost more than just a pet. But the requests are also more imposing. But, I repeat, all this points are discussed during the buying. Often after buying a male dog only for pleasure the new owners have a question:  can the continence be harmful for the health? It can’t! If the dog lives alone at home and has no contacts with female dogs and if you won’t experiment on single contact thinking (and lying) that it is necessary for the health there won’t be any problems.   In other case you will have troubles for a long time, but it won’t have any positive influence on the dogs’ health.


Usually bitches are more loving and quit, they are docile and tenderer in the attitude to the owner. They better understand, for female dogs it is easier to adapt to the new conditions, they are stronger connected with the home and the owner. Surely female dogs are more intelligent, they perceive the entourage emotionally. It makes the relations between people and the dog more

saturated. But, as it was already mentioned they lost such an effectiveness having posterity. It refers to the dogs for rearing. As well this type will cost more and the regulation for them is stricter than to the “baby on a palm”.


Making the choice between male dog and bitch it’s important to take into consideration the difference in physiology.


An important advantage of having the pedigree female dog is the possibility to have similar dogs. Many people buy this type thinking about the future possible profit that the posterity can bring. But also there are people who prefer to buy a small female for pleasure only.

Buying a female you have to face the same problem every half a year – so-called heat. It lasts for 21-24 days. At that time even a decent female dog can behave more adroitly than a magician and to run away only for finding a partner. And when you are walking with the dog during the heat always use the lead, to avoid unwanted mating. The duration of the strolls is about 15-20 minutes, three times a day.

Male dog

If the passion for the bitches is actual only during the heat, male dogs are always ready for it and they can easily run away to find this adventures. It is necessary to have longer strolls with male dogs because they spatter urine in smaller amounts and mark the territory and different suitable (or not) objects: bushes, trees, car-wheels.

The  pups’ price

The price of bitch-pup is much higher than the price of male dog-pup. Sometimes the price can differ in several times even if the owner is the same.

If you dream about the champion…

The first and the most important is to decide what is the sex of your future champion. It must be said that bitch is always easier to be chosen.  It’s strange but the fights on the show between the bitches are not so strained as between male dogs. While choosing the male dog  usually people think not only about his future competitive victories but about pedigree rearing as well.

Choosing a male dog for rearing is a main and difficult work. Not every male dog with good pedigree can be successfully used in rearing. Of course having a good genealogy is obligatory point but it is not enough. First of all it has to have a good figure; secondly the pedigree should be suitable for this population of bitches. The presence of high titles, stainless condition of psyche, no-marriage among the nearest relatives are also compulsory claims for the male dog.

What deals with the bitch: if on the show it has the point “very good” or even “good” (instead of “excellent”) you can choose the right male dog and the posterity will be full-fledged (the male dog with such marks can not look forward to smth).