Петербургская орхидея




The nursery
Sosnovoborskiy Souvenir
presents the breed
Orchid of Petersburg

This website is devoted to my favorite breed. The Orchid of Petersburg is the unique dog in every respect. Cheerful, merry, friendly orchids are extremely popular among people who really love small, decorative dogs.

We prepared interesting pages about our nurslings “And we have The Orchid of Petersburg!” Also here you can find the photos, look at the puppies of the nursery during its lifetime. On this website you can get to know the breed and get the information about the activity of our nursery. Wonderful puppies are waiting for you.

Here you are welcome to receive any information about choosing the dog, growing it up, feeding, upbringing and so on. In the nursery Sosnovoborskiy Souvenir the owners of bought puppies have the professional support about upbringing, growing and training.

While buoying a dog you can get an opinion of cynologist. It is free and all others service have the lowest price. We vouch for quality and real prices.

We are pleased to help you and answer all the actual questions

Yours Sincerely,
The owner of the Nursery Toropova Olga Evgenievna